The end of the trademark Dutch Design Duodopa Vest

For those who would like more information on what happened with the trademark and why it was AbbVie AB that filled the application for a declaration of invalidity for the trademark Dutch Design Duodopa Vest, here is a list of documents submitted during the procedure with EUIPO by the opponent, AbbVie AB and the applicant, TeCuro Ltd.

The best is to start with the timeline submitted by the applicant. Then just click on each link and you can read the submitted pdf file.

We feel that the decision of the Office does not come across as unbiased, but this is just our opinion, so the decision was made not to appeal the Office decision but stop with the manufacturing of the Dutch Design Duodopa Vest. Seen that despite EUIPO has requested us to sent translations of all submitted Dutch documents, which was done so accordingly, the Office keeps referring to the no-translated documents. Does this mean they did not read the updated documents, this is unknown to us.
As AbbVie comes across as the Golden Boy and TeCuro as the complete opposite, we better drop this completely, knowing the company AbbVie BV and the conduct of their people, it is better if this chapter is closed.
AbbVie BV actions were all done with the best interest of their patients in mind. We are sure of this, it says so on their website, 'People and the quality of their lives are our top priority. This guides us in what we do and how we do it.' See AbbVie’s missie (NL)

The idea was to give all patients who are in need of an ambulatory infusion pump a better way, a more comfortable way to carry the device around. As the pharmaceutical world was new territory for us, we learned the hard way that idealisms does not work here. TeCuro has stopped at present with the manufacturing of the vest and the development of new items. We are truly sorry for how it all turned out. The last thing we wanted, was to let the patients down. The hope remains that one day a new company will take off where we left it and will again bring a product to the market that will enhance the personal lives of patients who have enough to worry about already. Give people a sense of freedom back and take their minds off the disease.